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Covenant Information

The Architectural Committee consists of volunteers who will try to respond within two weeks of receiving a request. We are primarily concerned with maintaining the curb appeal and value of the properties in our neighborhood through the careful review of projects that affect the exterior of homes and properties.

Please keep in mind that any maintenance or improvement project, including additions or outbuildings, must be reviewed by the committee per the covenants that you are bound to as a part of the contract you signed with the purchase of your home regardless of whether or not a permit is required by the County. We will help you identify and resolve issues that may create problems with the County as well as your neighbors.

To help you make decisions before you submit your project for review, we’ve assembled our current requirements for the two most common requests.

Roofing Requirements:
  • Asphalt shingle roofing with relief-style dimensional shingles with a minimum 30 year warranty
  • Concrete Tile
  • Coated Steel Shingle
  • Traditional Shake Shingle
Any color selection must be consistent with the “earth tone” colors that currently exist throughout the neighborhood and be approved by the Architectural Committee in advance via supplying the Committee with information as to manufacturer, style, and color selection. Spanish-style tile roofs, slate, standing seam metal roofs, and built-up, EPDM, vinyl, or TPO rubber roofs have not been approved for use in this community.

Paint requirements:

Paint must be “earth tone” colors. Please provide samples for both primary and trim colors to the Architectural Committee for review, as well as manufacturer and color number. Neon, bright, and pastel colors have not been approved for use in this community.
Please send all requests or any questions to ccvistasouthhoa@gmail.com or mail it to the following address:

8547 E Arapahoe Road J538
Englewood, CO 80111


Cherry Creek Vista South is a subdivision of 622 single family homes within filings #8-14 of Cherry Creek Vista. The boundaries of the HOA are Havana (west), Orchard (north), the Lincoln Executive properties (south), and approximately Macon/Moline (east). (See Map)

Each of the filings was created with a set of covenants, all of which are very nearly identical in content. The covenants are recorded instruments, which follow with the individual properties from owner to owner.CCVSHOA was incorporated in November, 1977. The articles of incorporation were amended in May, 1992 to reflect the inclusion of all of the listed filings in the HOA.The covenants are designed to help insure that the real property within the subdivision is maintained as “...a first class and premium residential district” so that the value of all properties can be maximized.

The covenants of any filing can be amended by a majority of the property owners. Changes in one filing do not affect any other filing.The covenants for your filing are within the records of the Arapahoe County Clerk and Recorder. Links to copies of these documents are provided below.


 A homeowner may bring up concerns over covenant control through a number of possible avenues:

1. A concerned homeowner may speak with his or her neighbor so as to inform them that Cherry Creek Vista South is a covenant controlled community and they may be in violation of those covenants. Any homeowner in CCVSHOA may use the Covenant Standard Notice to notify his or her neighbor that they may be in violation of our covenants.

2. A concerned homeowner may contact the CCVSHOA to report covenant violations.

3. A concerned homeowner may contact Arapahoe County. Please find our list of common covenant complaints along with links to the Arapahoe County website on the left side of this page.


Q. Who may enforce protective covenants?
A. First, any homeowner living in an area covered by protective covenants may take it upon himself or herself to file an action in the county or district court located in that county where the property is located. In addition, any homeowner association, including voluntary associations, such as CCVSHOA, has legal standing to bring such an action, even against non-members of the association.

Q. How are protective covenants enforced?
A. Protective covenants are enforceable by courts issuing injunctions for the cessation of conduct that is in violoation of the protective covenants. Failure to abide by such court orders can result in being held in contempt of court which is punishable by fines or even jail sentences.

CCVSHOA Map PDF map of our neighborhood identifying streets, house addresses, parks, and filings.

Cherry Creek Vista Parks and Recreation District PDF map of the local Parks & Recreation District with all parks identified. Parks and Pool are maintained by CCVPRD, not the HOA
This is the standard notice to be presented to all homeowners who have issues that the HOA considers Covenant violations. Any resident can use this printable form to cite a violation and present it to a resident or affix it to their door. Covenant-Letter.pdf


What is a zoning violation? Where is it in the code? Who do I call? Go to: Arapahoe County Zoning Department